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Cisco ESA and SMA virtual appliance Sizing tool

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Dear Team,


Please help me to sizing Cisco ESA and SMA virtual appliance where Customer want to deploy Cisco ESA Virtual appliance for System generated mails/alerts of various alerts as out going mial th other domain.

what parameter shold I need to consider while sizing ciso ESa and SMA?

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here is the sizing guide based on the users : (table 4 and 5)




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Let me ask you a few questions before giving you some ideas/hints and indications.


The Cisco sizing guideline does unfortunately no longer do a good job in asking all the right questions.


They key indicators we would need to know are :


a) number of users and domains

b) numbers of inbound and outbound messages per day

In terms of services we would need to know :


c) Antivirus yes/no

d) AntiSpam yes/no

e) AMP - Advanced Malware Protection yes/no

f) MAR - Message Auto Remediation yes/no

g) SPF/DKIM/DMARC enforcement yes/no

h) external ThreatFeeds yes/no

i) URL rewrite to proxy yes/no

j) SIEM upload yes/no

k) customer mail rules an filters, how many ?


to narrow the platform choices some other questions :


l) Is HA High Availability of the email security gateways a requirement ?

m) Do you require hardware appliances or is virtual also an option ?

n) Do you want a hosted service or host inhouse ?

o) What is SLA of the service ?


Once I get your answers I will to guide into the right direction.









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