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Cisco for Email Security


We're in the process of looking at vendors to enhance our email security. I've looked at Mimecast, Proofpoint (both Enterprise and Essentials), Barracuda, and our Cisco rep is setting up a meeting with an SME to answer more technical questions about Cisco CES/ESA. Has anyone had any experience with Cisco for email filtering? We're dealing with a lot of phishing, invoices attachments that ask for money (BEC), and just started seeing a bunch of fake job offers that have malware in them. We're currently using Symantec and it's missing all of this stuff, but management wants to pursue Cisco since everything else here is Cisco. But based on our first conversation with Cisco is doesn't seem adequate to protect the org any better than Symantec. In fact, based on the answers it only seems like Proofpoint is situated to handle that stuff. The fact that Mimecast outsources everything makes me uncomfortable. And Barracuda just seems bad. So, anyone have any experience with Cisco and can speak to how the technology works and if it'll actually help?

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We use Cisco CES and on-prem ESA's for email security to filter approx 2.4M to 4M inbound messages daily. Although the user interface isn't as flash or as integrated - different pages/logins required for Cisco, as Proofpoints they are pretty good at doing what they are designed for and having used both they are on a reasonable level of parity in terms of email security.
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