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Cisco Secure Mail | Add Second Domain

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Level 1

Good afternoon.

Following the integration of the Cisco Secure Email solution, a difficulty was detected early on: not being able to add a second O365 tenant on the management platform.

Considering that we have two different domains, which are not connected in microsoft, is it possible to import both in the cisco solution? Or will I have to separate the licensing, and use two different accounts?

Thank you!

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Cisco Secure Email (Cloud or on prem) is licensed by user count in the enterprise its protecting, you can add as many domains as you need.

Hi ken, thank you for your answer.

So the question I ask is: how do I add a second domain?


I want to clarify, youre not using Cloud Mailbox Defense, right? You're using CES or ESAs on prem?

I'm using Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox
The integration was done without issues with the first domain. Hoewever, i want to add a second one (other tentant).

Cloud Mailbox Defense is completly different from the gateway products, it works by journaling mail to Cisco's cloud app where its analyzed and then yanked from the mailbox if suspect.

You should probably talk to TAC, or your security sales engineer, because that's about the limit of my knowledge on it. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you anyway

José L. Dávila
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello there,

Unfortunately, CMD does not allow multi tenant environments at this moment, it only supports integration to a single tenant.

You may import all the domains within that tenant using the Policy Tab -> Update Imported Domains, however, for a different tenant, that will not work.

Hope this is helpful.


José L. Dávila.

José L. Dávila