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Clustering license

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Hi there, we use two VM of ESA in a cluster. Until now we have used test licenses and now bought real ones. In the xml file is written that the clustering license is expiring after two days( the day which was set on the test licenses).

I have registered the licenses in the cisco licensing center and have shared them to both of the machines.

Is this clustering license needed for machines to work in cluster or is something old which is not neeeded?

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Hello @bsamardzhiev,

It seems that the clustering license is necessary for your machines to work in a cluster. The fact that the license is expiring after two days may suggest that the test licenses you were using previously did not include the clustering feature, or that the clustering license was time-limited.

Since you have already registered the new licenses in the Cisco licensing center and shared them with both machines, you should be able to verify whether the clustering feature is active by checking the configuration settings of your cluster. If the clustering license is not active, you may need to apply the new license to the ESA machines or check if there are any additional licensing requirements for clustering.

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