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continue to work after subscription expiration

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It's a bittersweet day.  We've been using IronPorts since before Cisco acquired them.  We've decided to move on to a different security stack.  We currently have all incoming mail bypassing the ESA, and most outgoing, but we have a slew of internal devices that relay through the ESAs to the public that i need to reconfigure.  Will the relay function continue to work after the security subscriptions expire - i assume they would fall under the "incoming mail handling" perpetual license?  Thanks all, it's been a good run.



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If its hardware, yes.
If it's a VM, IIRC, it will give you some grace time (14 days?) and then stop moving mail.

Curious...what did you move to?


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It is hardware.  I'll probably open a case also to verify, it would suck to have the relayed stuff start to fail.  We've move to Avanan.