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Ironport Encryption Plug-in

Starla Rivers

User satisfaction with the plug-in is not as high as it should be. This is primarily due to when Encrypt Message icon is clicked and "nothing happens". Even if the user understands that something will happen once Send is clicked, they don't like having to click twice.

So is there some way we can either:

  • Click Encrypt Message and immediately visually prepend [SEND SECURE] to the subject line so the user knows something will happen
  • Have the Encrypt Message icon add the necessary language AND send the email at the same time.


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My Clients are also having an Issue with this Pluggin.  We are currently using:

CiscoEmailSecurity Version:

Windows 7 x 64 Enterprise

Office 2010 32-bit

Exchange server 2010

After installing IronPort Encryption Plug-in, clicking on "encrypt Message" does nothing. It does not visually prepend [SEND SECURE] , nor does it encypt messages. This means the "Encrypt Message" button Does not work.

The only current workaround is to actually type in [SEND SECURE] in the Subject line. This actually encrypts the message for my clients.

Do we have a Fix for this? or does Version 7.2 resolve this problem?

Starla Rivers - I highly recommend you test the encryption button with a Personal account. We found that Staff were sending out 'thought to be' encrypted messages, but they were not. Apparently if [SEND SECURE] is not in the subject line, it is not encrypted.



Hi John,

Have you checked the "options" dialogue in Outlook for the plugin?  (Tools -> Options -> Cisco Email Security -> Flag Encrypt Options - that's Outlook 2007 so your path may be different.)  In that screen, you specify what your "Flag Subject Text" should be, whether it should be prepended or appended, etc.  Maybe your installation is set to use one of the other options (X-header, sensitivity.)

Good luck,

- Steve

Hi Steve,

Yes we have tried that. It doesnt seem to matter if its prepended or appended, it just doesnt do either.

CISCO staff are apparently on site today at our enterprise so I think we may get this resolved soon. In the mean time, we are upgrading it to 7.2 to test as well.

Thx for feedback.

Sure, no problem.  The only other thing that comes to mind is to check carefully for whitespace - if there's a space before or after the [SEND SECURE] and the filter doesn't take that into account, that would do it.  Good luck with it all!

Hi Steve,

  After upgrading (Yes, it took us 1 whole month.. State is slow..) from 7.1 to 7.2, We have tested and found that the Encryption Button now works. It encrypts the E-mail, but it still does not visually populate the subject line before clicking send. After it is sent, the Subject changes from 'subject' to '[SEND SECURE] subject'.

Although this works, my customers will want to know its being encrypted before sending. Especially since the workaround on 7.1 was to manually type [SEND SECURE] in the subjectline before sending (which worked).

Has anyone seend this issue on the new version where it encrypts, but does not populate the subjectline? I'm still tinkering with the options trying to resolve.



I have play around with this same problem but have not found a work around.

What I have seen happen is a user will accidently click on the Encrypt Message button and because it does not put [SEND SECURE] in the subject line they don't know their sending and encrypted message.  The recipent then calls or emails back asking why they received an encypted message.

It is a real problem especially when one gets sent to a client.



Thank you for your response. Glad to know it isn't just our environment, but the software itself.

Hopefully Cisco can address this issue soon.


I'm not sure that Cisco has ever seen it as an issue to address.  I have always told our users that if they are not sure, they can check their "sent items" folder to see whether or not they clicked the encryption button. 

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