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Ironport How to release multi recipient email in specific quarantine


How can release the multi-recipient email in specific quarantine?

The user release own email. No need all users action to click release email.


I set up specific quarantine "amazonses" in (Policy, Virus and Outbreak Quarantines), when the sender from (

The email jumped in "amazonses" quarantine, and send a notification to the recipient user.

The user login and release the email. The user mailbox can receive the email.


The problem: When the email send from ( and multi-recipient users (same domain name) in the same email.

The multi-recipient users receive the notification.

When the uses login ironport and releases the email. Ironport show release success.

But the user mailbox does not receive the email.

Except for all the multi-recipient users, log in Ironport to release email.

The email show in the user mailbox.

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you can check the checkbox and release right (cant remember the menus)


check below :



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Cisco Employee

To start things off, I believe you are referring to spam quarantine and not PVO because there's no notification sent for emails going to PVO unless you have setup content filters or message filters with a notify action.


Second - Even if its PVO, end users will not have access to it directly, only administrators/operators or custom user roles can have access to it. 


Considering it is spam quarantine, if an email with multiple recipients part of the same domain gets quarantined, it can always be released by specific recipient and they will receive them independently, while others wont.

Spam quarantine will still have a copy of the same message with other remaining recipients which can be released at a later stage


If the behaviour is different than explained above, I would recommend working with TAC

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