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LDAP Routing Query Issue

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Hi Guys,

We have thousands of alumni that needs be moved to Office365. Our mailboxes was all migrated to Office365. Our alumni doesn't have a mailbox but they have an AD account that has alumni address in mail attribute and forward to their personal address by using Iron Port query.

Now we need to migrate these alumnis to Office365 but we need to do it phase migration as there are tons of them.

The request is if the alumni if migrated to Office365---> Route to Office365 alumni mailbox

If the alumni address is not migrated -->  Route to their personal address

Mail Flow:

#1 Iron Port receives an email to:

#2 Does the user exist? If yes --> Query AlumniAddress. If no --> the usual NDR

#3 Is the user on Office365? If yes --> Query MBOutsourced --> If its True and Route to CloudSMTP to send email to Office365

#4 If no--> Route ExternalAddress

Query String: (&(|(AlumniAddress={a})(MBOutsourced=TRUE))(INSEADCloudMailSmtp=SMTP))

Recipient Email to Rewrite the Envelope Recipient:

Alternative Mailhost Attribute: CloudSMTP

The condition above works fine from #1 to #3 (if migrated) but I don't know how to Route to External Address if the Query string is NO or not in the user accounts attribute. Its seems like two actions or double route is possible using the same LDAP? Should I create another LDAP?



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To make the question simple.

When an email sent from internet to, it will query my IronPort LDAP and route the email using Routing Query string mail and cloud attribute.. If its yes then it will route to Office365.

If its NO, it will query another LDAP or query AlumniAddress and route to InternetAddress

Is this possible?

UPDATE: I've fixed the issue myself.

Solution: Created two LDAP with different queries. Chained the LDAP and assigned to a Listener. It works!