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Giovanni Rinaldi

Mail Flow Central support

Hello EveryBody.

I'm currently using Mail Flow Central 1.3.0 (013) on Windows 2000.

The database of 10GB have run out of space and i couldn't find any way to enlarge it.

The only solution i could fine is to re-install the software an a temporary spare server and get the logs downloaded again.

I would like to know (and I cannot figure out):

- Is mail flow central (MFC) still supported? It is about to be discontinued?

Where I can download the last version of the product with its documentation to check the support matrix? (OS, DB and so on)

- If MFC is no longer supported, is there a new way to get the logs and perform some analisys on them?

Can you please help me?

Really thank you for your kind support.

Martin Eppler

Hello Giovanni,

the support for Mail Flow Central 1.4 ceased in July 2011, the version you are using is out of support since 2010. Hence the software is no longer available for download.The official replacement for Mail Flow Central is the Security Managment Appliance ("M-Series").

Mail Flow Central used the IronPort Text Mail Logs configured in the appliance Log Subscriptions (GUI: System Administration -> Log Subscriptions). These flat text log files (when configured) can be pulled via FTP from the appliance for processing offline.

Best regards,


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