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Message Queue in IronPort

Hi all,

I have an C170 box. If i have an outage situation and my Internet link goes down. What will happen?

I think that my Exchange server will still delivery e-mails from my clients but IronPort will put all of them in a queue until the WAN connection restore itself, for then, send the queued messages to their Internet destinations servers.

So, first question: Is that correct??


- If so, where can i configure this queue? Capacity, for example.

- Where can i see queued and undelivered messages using IronPort Web Interface?

Luis Silva Benavides
Cisco Employee

Hi Mauro

Please take a look to this info:

What can cause delivery delays? How does IronPort message delivery work?

How do I view the status and number of messages in the IronPort appliance message queue?

How many messages can the IronPort appliance keep in its queue?

If the mail server is down, how long will the Email Security Appliance queue the mail?


Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach"

Luis Silva

Thanks buddy, but i couldn't open your links. Are they correct or require some level of privilege?

Thanks again.

Hi Mauro,

Are you able to access this one?


Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach"

Luis Silva

I got this:

Cisco IronPort ScanSafe Customer Support

The new pages for IronPort and ScanSafe support are listed below. Please update your bookmarks.

Hi Mauro,

Ironport Service and Support Page > Additional Resources >  Cisco Email and Web Security Knowledge Base

On the search bar look for the document ID:

- 945

- 148

- 195

- 695

Let me know how it goes.

Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach"

Luis Silva

Just to make it crystal clear, you must be logged on with a valid customer account to view these links. The main landing page when you try to follow the links when you are not logged in does not specify this at all. It's quite frustrating.

Almost as frustrating as having to create a customer ID just to view KB articles.

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