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Gateway: 14.2.0-620Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-203Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Adobe Flash Vulnerability

I figured it was worth a shot to ask here if anyone had any ideas on how to protect against these type of exploits.Advisory:

Ability to see who released/deleted a message?

I have 6 guys in our IronPort, and for auditing purposes, it would be nice to see who actually released/deleted a message. I have had this ability in previous email filtering software, but I can;t seem to find anything int he message tracking logs th...

jbranch by Beginner
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Compromised Internal SMTP servers

This week I have had three (of the roughly 4000) internal SMTP servers that are behind our IronPort appliances either get compromised with a virus or have an application generate high volumes (500K) of e-mails. For the SMTP server that was comprimise...

Iron Port feature

Hi,I have Iron Port Email Security & Web Security product. Can someone suggest me whether the below features are supported by any of the devices:-          Profile filtering---          File filtering ---          WEB content filtering-          URL ...

acharyr123 by Participant
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Blocking by character set

I just read a discussion about blocking mail basesd on a character setquote:2. Another option is to add the list of character sets to a dictionary text file and refer to that in your message filter.To clarify - Can the Add Terms: field for Dictionary...

Domain Exception List - Virtual Gateway

Hello Everyone,On the box we have a public listener and a private listener.On the public listener, all emails are processed and delivered to the intended domains [ ,] using the public interface ip address only. On the recipient dom...

Best Practice for stopping unsolicited e-mails that are not detected as SPAM or Marketing?

I have roughly 40,000 mailboxes behind some IronPort appliances.   My question for all of you veteran SMTP admins is how do you handle situations where you have an individual sending multiple e-mails to one of your mailboxes?  It's not really a big e...

Resolved! Displaying oldest message in queue

Good Morning,We just installed a C370 on our primary MX last night and it working great!!!! My question is, looking at the "System Status" page, I'm showing that I have a message(s) in the queue that are 14 hours old.  Is there a way to "display" all...

Can't view video files attached to emails?

I noticed when clicking a WMV/AVI/MPEG attachment in a mail, Windows media player attempts to open, but then states that it can't find the file specified. I also do not have the optio to right-click--> save target as. I notehr workds, we cannot audit...

jbranch by Beginner
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Block list not working as expected.

I have a user that address a domain into their blocklist but it is still coming thru.Is it possible for this to happen when a user has two e-mail addresses attached to their account? - main - secondaryE-ma...

scole by Beginner
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