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New feature key called "clustering"

Tony Kilbarger
Level 1
Level 1

We just completed the RMA process on one of out MTA's.  We are on 9.7.1.  One of the last steps was to download the feature keys which I just completed.  I notice a new feature key I have not seen before.

A "clustering" key was downloaded from the Cisco key server and placed into the pending area: admin preference.

We do use clustering but I thought as of version 8.5.6 ( I think ) there was no longer a key required to do clustering.  Do I need to apply this key?  None of our other hosts have it but if I click to check for keys ( we do not automatically download them ) this one does show up in the pending area.


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Clustering (aka Distributed Administration because clustering is a bad name for what it really does) is now free but it is still a key...

Its easier to give the key away than it is to dig out the key checking code that works... 

Yep - as Ken said.

And - this is a topic that comes up frequently...

Feature Key for Centralized Management

Feature key is no longer required to enable Centralized Management feature. By default, Centralized Management feature is enabled on your appliance.