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nondelivered DMARC reports


Hi, we have a lot of undeliverabled DMARC reports (about one hundred daily). What could I do with it?

(eg. there is a DMARC record in DNS for domain, with, but there is no MX record for this domain. So our DMARC report is returned back).

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

So why you don't change the email address in RUA to a valid one?!

It's not our domain :-D

I written it just only for example.

I have to rewrite my question once again to be clearly: Hi, we have a lot of returned DMARC reports (about one hundred daily) because they are undeliverables.

To be clear: you're getting notifications back from other domains listing mails that purport to come from you (e.g. your domain in the envelope sender header), but fail SPF (not your IPs) or DKIM (not signed with the right cert), or both, right?

Look at those files see if anything in there is supposed to be deliverable, and then fix it...

Eg. If it's a bunch of stuff from MailChimp that's failing because your Marketing team didn't tell you they're using Mailchimp for the new campaign, you need to tweak your SPF.

If it's all stuff that shouldn't be deliverable, then you know you have your stuff set up right, and can just delete these.

After a while you can change your DMARC record so that sites quit sending you reporting, if you know that your business isn't going to run out and use some cloud mailer without telling you.