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Problem with Out-of-office-notifications


Hello everbody.

We are having some trouble with out of office notifications. Normally they should not leave our company but to our affiliates. That is achieved through a transport rule on our Exchange server. So when someone at our affiliates is sending an email to one of my colleagues who is using an oof-notification the oof-notification is getting bounced by the Ironport (554 Policy violation). The maillog is showing next to nothing (last three lines of the communication):

Tue Apr 24 13:18:51 2012 Info: MID 2992796 ICID 5653332 From: <>
Tue Apr 24 13:18:52 2012 Info: ICID 5653332 lost
Tue Apr 24 13:18:52 2012 Info: ICID 5653332 close

Our setup is following:

The Ironports are facing the Internet. There are three listeners configured: one for receiving, one for relaying from our Exchange server and one for relaying for our affiliates. The emails for our domain gets routed to our Exchange, the emails for the domains of our affiliates that are not hosted on our Exchange get routed directly to their Exchange server.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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Valter Da Costa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Mark, this 554 hard bounce code with Policy Violation does not sound like IronPort generated messages. Perhaps if you send us the tracking logs for this message we can assist you further. You can use grep and findevent commands or WebUI : Monitor > Message Tracking

We look forward to hear from you.



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