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Senderbase Reputation Bad

   Does anyone know of any way I can find out WHY my IP address has a poor senderbase reputation score?

   It's causing major issues for our business as we are unable to contact our biggest customer. We send dozens of emails a day to their servers, and suddenly we are being blocked thanks to the listing.

   Yes, we have taken it up with their IT company, but their progress tends to be quite slow - and this issue will effect other customers as well.

   I like the concept of what Cisco is doing with senderbase - but without telling system administrators WHY they are listed poorly, how can we fix the problem? And why is there no mechanism to contact people to request the reasoning behind the change in status?

   I called the Australian branch of Cisco and they told me to send in an email complaint. Which of course I did, but it was rejected from our domain so I had to send it from a personal account.

   If anyone can help, please let me know - it's killing our business!

Sebastian Amting
Cisco Employee

Hi Steven,

sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

In general, I would like to encourage you to get in touch with customer support if you are experiencing issues with your Senderbase score. I just checked your current repoutation and the score is back to neutral at this time. Since the score has already changed again, I unfortuntaley cannot 100% confirm if your decreased score was in fact related to the issue referenced by Peter. That said, given the timing and your location, it is in fact likely.

Now, to provide a statement regarding the issues referenced in the IT News article.

The war against spam requires a daily battle with spammers and purveyors of malicious content. Cisco maintains the world’s most trusted and effective mail security technology through constant research and development, accompanied by constant measurement of results.
Tuesday morning PDT, Cisco became aware of an issue that resulted in Cisco email security products blocking some legitimate email senders. This was the result of recent algorithm updates that focused on newly identified Internet traffic behaviors indicating spam activity. Unfortunately, this traffic behavior is also seen in some legitimate email activity, resulting in the inaccurate blocks.
Upon learning of the issue, Cisco immediately implemented algorithm changes, fully resolving the issues by Tuesday evening PDT. Cisco security specialists are continuing to closely monitor the situation, to ensure no further impact to service.  Cisco is also enhancing monitoring procedures to more quickly identify any negative impacts of new rules in the future.



Hi Sebastian.

I have found this "thread" desperate seeking for help/support as by the recent end of 2012, plenty of my professional servers were being denied becasuse of this scoring.  Right now it all seems back to nearly normality :: 85% Neutral 15% Good.

How did it all came up again ? ....just spending lot of time making phone calls and sending mails to (with no response at all) and to my Cisco Provider.  Which is quite frustrating, and even worse, quite dangerous for small medium companys.

We do a daily hard work to keep our net outta RBLs, and we get it by the day. However, this Senderbase score it seems absolutely arbitrary how soon it demonizes you and how it later brings back your "good" reputation.

What if your system fails when it decides that I am not worth to send mail ? ....all that I found thru the link

"Are you blocked"?  was completely unuseless stuff like "If you were referred here from "

You should enable quicker and reliable ways to get outta your list ! you are causing serious economical damage to small-medium co's.