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System files eating up all my space

Greg Hopp

I am constantly getting this warning on my C170 ESA:

The Warning message is:

75% of the disk quota for Miscellaneous services(logs, configuration file, and so on) is used. You can either increase the disk quota for Miscellaneous services or manually free up space used by Miscellaneous services.

Version: 9.7.2-131

I have increased the available disk for Miscellaneous services, but the System Files Usage is increasing exponentially while the user files is static at < 1Gb.  I've logged in and deleted old log files, but it is this System File that appears to be the issue.

Is there a way for me to reduce the System Files Usage?  It doesn't appear I have access to it and my Ironport is near or at capacity.  I cannot increase the log file size any more than it already is.


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Libin Varghese
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Greg,

High system file usage are contributed to defects such as below:

You would need to open a TAC case for the engineer to review the system files, unfortunately these cannot be cleared with the level of access on your side.


Libin Varghese

With which command you deleted this? I mean Miscellaneous services or manually free up space used by Miscellaneous services (in System Files)?
I have the same trouble. System files are increasing 1 gb per day.
Thanks for your answer.

If the appliance is encountering the mentioned defects you would need someone from TAC to access the appliance remotely to remove the files causing the error.


Commands for the same are not available through CLI.


- Libin V

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