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FindIT probe HTTP web interface does not respond

Hello I have 4 switches in my setup :

2x SG350XG-24T

2x SG350XG-24F


all updated to


I activated FindIT probe onto one of the SG350XG-24F.

I could see the interface once. but for some reason since then its gone...

As soon as I click on findIT probe management it redirects me to port 4443 but I get a browser Timeout.


What I tried :

- I changed my computer VLAN to be on the same VLAN as the switche management to ensure that my firewall isnt blocking 4443

- I checked the switch clock which could maybe mess up the HTTPS handshake

- I rebooted the switch


Note that SNA is working just fine.

FindIt probe version is stated as Active.

Any idea


Cisco Employee

Re: FindIT probe HTTP web interface does not respond

Is your PC in the same IP subnet as the switch management IP address?  I know you said you moved the PC to the same VLAN, but that is not necessarily the same thing.  There is an open bug in the switch firmware that means the Probe UI is not accessible from a different subnet, even though the main switch UI works fine.  There is a bugfix release that should be out soon that will address this problem.





Re: FindIT probe HTTP web interface does not respond

Hello David,

Yes I was in the same VLAN and subnet. That said, I wonder if this issue could be linked to the fact that we do not use the default VLAN 1 on this project. 

We defined a VLAN 100 for switch management with subnet

This is the only IP defined on the switch. 

I was accessing it from a computer with IP

Cisco Employee

Re: FindIT probe HTTP web interface does not respond

The management VLAN in use should not matter, but then again, this problem should not be happening at all, so you could very well be right.  I thought this was a tested scenario, but there might be another detail in play here too.  Can I suggest that you call the support team and log a case?  Then an engineer can diagnose the problem properly and try and reproduce it in the lab.  If you check, you will find the local phone numbers for support.  If you do log a case, can you PM me the case number and I can follow up with the engineer you talk to.