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Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Hello, I have an FTD I am looking to deploy remotely to a home user. Over kill I know. Wondering about being able to manage that guy via FDM via the outside interface? I have an ACL to allow my public to the LAN side of the FTD. I can ping the outside interface. Is there a command or something in fdm that I can designate the outside interface to also be the management interface? Or (because the FTD is acting as a site-to-site vpn device for the honme user) do I re-ip the FTD MGMT interface IP to one in the local LAN?


We have 50+ asa 5505's that are near eol, and looking to replace with NGFW 1010's, so just doing a test now. Device woudl be a site-to-site vpn for the home user, and supplying PoE to their cisco phone.

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Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

FMC has to manage the FTD device via a dedicated management interface. The outside data path interface cannot do dual-duty in that respect.

Most people end up using one of two options:

1. Stage the device at your main site with the policies necessary to translate the management address or carry it via site-site VPN when deployed remotely, or

2. Use a second public address to assign to the management interface and connect that to your FMC which has a NATted public address and ACL allowing only the remote FTDs inbound. (That's obviously not feasible for a small site with a single dynamically assigned IP address.)

Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

What if we don't want to use an FMC for this but the built in FDM? We have some 50+ ASA 5505's we wish to replace. In theory could a guy either:

A - plug the mgmt port into an open port on the FTD to get it an IP, then when the FTD joins the VPN you could access the mgmt via that inside VPN address? (When I do this the MGMT port becomes ICMP pingable, but I cannot get to the HTTPS web management.)


B - Send a small 4 port work-group switch and plug the mgmt port into it, then a patch cable from switch to FTD?


We really use the solution for home users to build a site-to-site VPN so they can access our Citrix and Cisco Phone environment. The ASA 5505 was perfect, but they are going away from that.

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Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Cisco Defense Orchestrator is a cloud-based based security policy and device manager that lets you harmonize security policies across multiple security devices - including ASA and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD). In this video, see how you can easily on-board devices, manage objects across device ...

Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Yeah we have looked at Orchestrator, but the company I work for does not want to go to the cloud like that, so I"m kind of forced to. We have the virtual FMC so we are limited there to the amount of FTD's we can manage there as well.


I"m guessing I"m just missing a small step in my setup? I can ping the mgmt interface, but it does not browse. The subnet is my LAN for my site-to-site. We do have a bridge (bvi) interface setup for the ports on the FTD and setup with DHCP, however the .2 is out of the scope.


===============[ Proxy Information ]================
State : Disabled
Authentication : Disabled

> show network
===============[ System Information ]===============
Hostname : at-test-ftd01
Domains :
DNS Servers :
Management port : 8305
IPv4 Default route
Gateway :

======================[ br1 ]=======================
State : Enabled
Channels : Events
Mode : Non-Autonegotiation
MTU : 1500
MAC Address : 70:0F:6A:CD:93:8C
----------------------[ IPv4 ]----------------------
Configuration : Manual
Address :
Netmask :
Broadcast :
----------------------[ IPv6 ]----------------------
Configuration : Disabled

===============[ Proxy Information ]================
State : Disabled
Authentication : Disabled

Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Would my simple solution be to nat my mgmt interface out my public with a static port number? So I woudl connect to if was my public, and 8080 was my port number?
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Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

You didn't mistakenly setup an FMC during testing did you? "show managers" will check that.

If you like FMC and are concerned about the scalability of FMCv, note that 6.5 introduced the FMCv 300:

FMCv 300 on VMware

We introduced the FMCv 300, a larger Firepower Management Center Virtual for VMware. It can manage up to 300 devices, compared to 25 devices for other FMCv instances.

You can use the FMC model migration feature to switch to the FMCv 300 from a less powerful platform.

Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Interesting I"ll have to look at v 6.5, I was unaware of that.


And no, it's managed locally. I have odly anough an ASA 5505 running a site to site vpn near my test FTD device, and if I change the mgmt interface IP to that subnet and directly connect the mgmt interface to that other 5505 I can get in and FDM works great. I just need to get FDM working on the FTD itself over the site-to-site vpn, or over the outside interface. Can you help with that piece?

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Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

I will have to try the scenario you have in a lab. I usually work with larger deployments where the Firepower device has an internal network we can leverage for connections. The challenge is coming in on one interface and needing to talk to a service that's bound to another interface on the same device. We need to instruct FTD it's "ok" to go out the inside interface en route to the management interface or otherwise set it up to be managed somehow, preferably not making your FDM administrative interface publicly exposed.

I completely understand the use case you're asking about though and we should be able to do it all on one box. 

Re: Access remote FTD using FDM via outside interface

Perfectly explained! I will continue to try things in my lab as well. Yesterday I reimaged it back to factory to start over and try as time allows today.