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Hello, I would like to know the meaning of these words (P0/P2) in an ASA capture: CISCOASA# capture TOTO interface Guest real-time4: 11:04:48.898055 802.1Q vlan#XXXX P2 172.22.X.X.50336 > X.X.X.X.53: udp 395: 11:04:48.908034 802.1Q vlan#XXXX P0 172.2...

reno51 by Level 1
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I have two identical ASA 5585 working in Active/Active. On Primary Unit i want to changefailover group 1  secondaryfailover group 2  preempttofailover group 1  primaryfailover group 2  primary After configuring this change;spyker/pri/act# conf tspyke...

Hi ,I would like to ask about reverse flows error. I saw the same issue in forum and try to fix. But May be i don't know how to add NAT Exemption rule or my exemption rule is doesn't work.vSo please help me to fix.My network information :inside-net=2...

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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Hi folks, I have a customer who owns a FPR4140-NGFW-K9 with just the factory 8 port 10GB network module.Due to budget constraints, they want to upgrade with an additional 1 GB 8 port module and move some cables over from the original.Can be the HA po...

Jorge F by Level 1
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Hello, I am not able to use the user name and password created by a sponsor in Cisco ISE.Also before i log in i can still access the internet but i cant access ISE.  Please help.

Tutu by Level 1
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I'm running 6.6.0-90 on a FPR1120 in FDM mode. Whether or not I use the default NTP servers or enter my own, the unit will not sync up. When I run 'show ntp' the status of each server (including shows unknown. From the CLI console, I als...

Baryon324 by Level 1
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