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FTD enabling SFP interface

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Level 1

Hello guys.

I'm having problems with my Cisco FTD 2140, at the moment of enabling the interfaces with SFP module.

In the image below can see that when I enable the interface, it sends me that message.

I'm using the interface Ethernet 1/13 with a SFP module.

Captura de pantalla 2022-09-26 113018.png








My appliance is a FTD 2140, version 6.6.5 in HA deployment.
Please, If anyone else had a similar (or the same) issue that Could give me some advice on how to address the issue?
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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @Alen. 

Based on your screenshot and the problem description, you might be hit with this bug.
Could you please try the workaround and see if it solves the problem?

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Are you trying to install a 10G SFP or 1G? 10G SFPs are not supported on the 2100 FTDs. However, if you are trying to install a 1G SFP, could you please share the interface hardware settings for review? Also, you can connect to fxos and show the interfaces details including port channels as follows:

- connect fxos

- scope eth-uplink

- show detail expand

Alternatively, if you only want to list the interfaces that are not part of the port channel then you can do this:

- connect fxos

- scope eth-uplink

- scope fabric a

- show interface expand detail


FP 2130 and 2140 does support 10G SFP+ modules.

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