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Anyone use Job Class?

Marc Clasby

My team and I talking and we may want to consider job classes as being the way to provide support teams.

I can see few advantages to using job class:

#1 Job Class is not tied to security, and is available as filter criteria (meaning you can isolate to apps, groups, departments etc...Tidal keeps your filters in mind so if you only want to see a certain set of jobs that works (support, dev ops, app development, those that care about x App etc.)

#2 Job events can be associated with jobs and could be a way to server multiple needs for varying groups (each can have their own defines alerts, etc). They can also be applied before or after individual jobs events

#3 if you add a job class at a high level … all Child Jobs/Groups inherit class so it natually add new jobs in that group/s to any filters, etc

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Deirdre Clark

We set up several Job Classes when we decided to utilize queues for single-threading jobs.  It was easy to set up the queues based on Job Class.

Thanks Deidre we used to use job class exactly the same way in 2.X version but have switched to resources in 5.X.

We are using Job classes also as a way to send out different alerts to different teams, and to send alerts to operations with built in escalation instructions specific to each class.

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