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Auto-Start Tidal Agent services

Hi all,

     Do you guys have an idea on how to auto-start the service of tidal agent in linux? Thanks!

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Maximilian Gallagher
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Completely depends on the flavor of linux. The scripts that start on boot are different everywhere. What distro/version are you running?

I'm using RHEL server release 6.3 Beta.

From google it looks like you can put the start command in /etc/rc.d/rc.local , but I would check with your linux admin before putting anything in the file as the server could have problems properly booting, depending on the mistake.

Yup, this is ours (on RHEL 6):

  Add the following command to the rc.local file

su - admiral -c "/opt/app/tidal/bin/tagent -start"

Prakash Hemchand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You may want to write a wrapper shell script to call the tagent -start command.

This would allow you to trap errors, write them to a log file without halting the server startup and allow for multiple retry attempts.

Also, if you don't use the default user or PATH, obviously those need to be updated accordingly.

su - ${tes_admin_user} -c "${PATH_TO_AGENT_BIN}/tagent -start"

Thanks guys for the inputs.

It is now working, this is what I did:

I created "" at etc/rc.d/init.d with this script inside:


/opt/TIDAL/Agent/bin/tagent TIDALAGENT1 start

#author: Lodz

#chkconfig: 345 25 75

#description: tidal agent auto startup

then i added the shell script on boot using this commands:

# chkconfig --add
# chkconfig on