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Cancel the launched jobs

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I am not being able to cancel/stop the jobs that have been stuck in launched state.

Can you please tell me ways to do so through Tidal GUI, without disabling the connections and queues.

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Lumi Mihalcea
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I use the command line and force it to abort:

SACmd jobset -i ID -s status

jobset -i xxxxxx -s 106 (106 is aborted status)

Is there no way out to perform this through GUI.

Not sure what version you are on, I'm on 6.1. Create a job, under Command enter the path of sacmd...

C:\Program Files\TIDAL\TESCmdLine\bin\sacmd.cmd

under command parameters enter the command

jobset -i xxxxxx -s 106

Save and submit the job.

HI Lumi,

can you please confirm where should we run this command ?

CM/PM/DB server ?

also confirm the runtime should be tidal superuser ??


I created a job using the Win agent and the user is an AD account I have set up for running any windows jobs. See the attachment. Hope this helps.


Hello Lumi,

my query is which win agent ?
is it primary master/Backup master/Client manager server OR DB Server for Tidal ??

I have Tidal installed on Windows so I have a Windows agent where I submit the job using the command line program. I created the job, like any other job, in Client Manager which means is on the TES master. 

Lumi, you have any idea about another discussion which i began ..

"SAP jobs stuck in launch state"

Oh, I am sorry, I don't use SAP...I use PeopleSoft but I would think the same concept applies no matter where you ran it because you are using the command line program. In my case, the job in TES stays in Launched and does not create a process on PS. I can not just take down the adapter so I had to find another way which is killing the job in TES. I am not sure if you could just add && and add another entry on the same job. Normally I have only 1 job stuck in Launched, out of the blue.

one more query, what if we want to cancel multiple jobs at one time ?

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Level 1

In my experience this behavior is doe the the launcher process failing on the agent. I've only seen it happen on the Linux agents by the way, so maybe this doesn't apply. But, when it happened the only way to cancel the launched jobs is to stop the agent service (it's failed anyway), then cancel the jobs, then start the agent service.

yeah, that what i do now a days, when we are unable to cancel a job stcuck in launched state, we just disable the connection, let the job instance got to orphaned state and then mark it as success.

then enable the connection