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Capture start time end time and status of Tidal Job

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Hi Gurus,

I have a requirement that I have to log start time end time and exit status of a job running on an agent. I will log these in one RDBMS. Is it possible to call a script whenever job runs from Tidal. Like .profile which executed automatically when user logs in I wanted to have a script which will be called automatically whenever there is any job triggered from Tidal agent. Any help is appreciated.



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Marc Clasby
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What version? Do you need to do this real time?

You could run Query vs your datebase (jobrun table) just after midnight for previous date and pick those elements off...then create a load to a target database repository. you would need to join jobmst, jobrun, nodmst, and others if you are using agent lists, etc. There should be a data model included with your software that can help you create the query. Also you have to keep in mind that the there are somethings that are just translated for you via the GUI like job status.

Completed Normaly = 101

Completed Abnormally = 103

so loading to a third party can be painful

A work arround... can be to use the export feature and create a file manually every night

I would suggest you create a view

View... preferences... uncheck all but the data you want

Save view as your reportname or somehting and it shows up as a "subfolder" in job activity

File... Export beings up a dialog and you can save it as CSV open in excel, load to a database, etc

as long as you don't have commas in your job names you should be ok

I used that method for quick reporting...


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your answer but we need this in real time. Like when a job starts we want to put status as running and when it finishes we want to update it with end time and exit status. Tidal version we are using is 5.3



I think your database team could come up with something along these lines

Create a SQL view (based on a query about) and let the monitoring app select from the view ... near real time which may cause performance issues


Add some sort of database mirroring and run the monitoring off of that near real time... mover perf issues to the mirrored server which could be acceptable

Otherwise I would think you need to upgrade to 6x and see if JAWS meets your needs

the problem is real time.. I think you would have to run at some interval near real time... and this could cause potential performance issues on the master

Good luck let us know if you come up with something that works!


Actually we have migrated our jobs from Tivoli's maestro job schedular to Tidal. In maestro we have .jobmanrc program which was being called with every job and we had put the piece of code to log the current status of job from this script. You can check for reference. We want a similar mechanism where we can control job based on current status and exit code.

We will certainly let you know if we come accross any solution.

Thanks for your time!