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Copy Job/Group/Action/Event/User informaton to another DB

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Does any one has existing procedure/documents to move the definition from one environment to another brand-new setup envrionment. Basically here is issue we are having:


Issue Description

We are currently running Tidal Enterprise Scheduler on Test Environment:

   Master Status - version

    Plugin (tes-6.0) - version

and are ready to set up Tidal Enterprise Scheduler on Production

Environment. What is the best practice you can recommend, or do you have

any existing documents to share of how to migrate (copy) all the job/job group

definitions, trigger file definitions, and user/group information etc.

from one environment to another, or from one database to another.


CISCO help desk suggested Tidal Transporter, but we do not want to go that road.

I understand that I can restore my whole Test environment database for use at Production environment, all the job/action/event/user definitions will be there, but will Production Master/GUI automatically connect to this database? If so, in the new Production environment, should I only need to change the agent information, so the Tidal master will dispatch jobs at the Production agent? How to clean up old job running history and all the logs information in the database coming from the old environment?

Looking forward to your suggestions and help.


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Michelle Morris
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We use Tidal Transporter for this.

Moving the Tidal database from one server to another is possible, but there is a lot of configuration in the database that would need to be changed in order for your production client to connect.  Licensing, connections, etc.


Hi Michelle,

Would you give more details on how to change the Licensing or Connections part of the configuration in db to allow the client to be able to connect?



Lin - There is no real simple answer to your questions that wouldn't invole Cisco or a Cisco partner to assist in performing the work. Per Michelle even once you have a production environment you will still need transporter to promote from test to prod in the future. If you would like, please feel free to shoot me an email and we can schedule a meeting to discuss your needs in more detail.

Someone might be able to explain the how too but you will be better served getting someone to assist that has the experience.

My contact info is in my profile.