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Create multiple service items for a single requisition



I've a couple of questions about if and how is possible to desing a service plan that creates multiple service items for a single request and if it possible to create some sort of looping structrure within a service plan.

More precisely, i've designed a service that enable the customer to order in one single requisition multiple VMs and i'd like to creates a service item for each one of those VMs. For now, my service plan create only one service item that contains data for all the VMs created like all the hostnames and IPs in single fields of that one service item. This solution lead to some trouble managing the VMs created and I think it could be better to have one service item for each machine.

What I would like to implement it's a service plan that calls the orchestrator to create one VM, than creates a service item for that VM and reiterates the process until the value of the fields in the form representing the number of VMs (which i'd like to mantain so that the customer can order multiple VMs of the same type with only one requisition) is reached.

So, is there some kind of looping structure that could be created using conditions in the service plan? Or there is some feature of the Portal that I'm not aware of or I'm using poorly (like the possibility to set a quantity of object with a single order)?

I hope the question is clear.

I'm using  the version 9.3 R2 of CCP




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You can't loop in the plan in the actual version. Perhaps that feature will come in the future but we don't have any informations on this.

Depends on how much VM you want to create, but you can easily create multiple service item. I already had to design a service which create 2VMs and 2services items. You need to have 2dictionnaries based on your vm service item.  Add those to your form and fill them with active rules. In the plan, you have to create 4 steps:

-add first vm to service item,

-send request for first vm to cpo,

-add second vm to service item,

-add second vm to service item.

I know it's not a good way, but for now I think it's the easiest and only way to do that.

Hi Florent,

thank you for your answer.

The problem is that I don't actually know how many items will be ordered by the customer, because this is an option of the ordering form.

Unfortunately I don't think is even possible to create a Service Item invoking CPP's WebService (that could be useful because someone could use the orchestrator to create multiple SIs).

By the way, I haven't yet tried set a quantity of items in one single order using the Add button in the form.