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Hi,I want to configure approvals on a service only for VSO. So I add an approval in Authorizations tab and I put this on the condition field: "Approval"="Approval" and "SIBDApprovals.OTAApproval"="Yes".I checked that the value of OTAApproval is "Yes"...

We need to update some jobs in batch (for example change path in the command field of similar jobs). Is there  way to update it automatically directly in the DB. The number of jobs is about 5000.We are running oracle now and use external cache DB.  W...

Hi,I'm using the Select from SQL Server Activity in CPO to look up some values in a table, straightforward SQL queries like select * from Table work 100% but when I start applying a WHERE clause to the query it fails to return the results even though...

craigc by Beginner
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I wanted to check if a bug is well known.I have several portlets I have developped, in those portlets I get the connected user login via the API /RequestCenter/nsapi/directory/people/currentuser .And then I show an alert with the name of the user.The...

Has anyone used the phone app for Tidal 6.1.133? What do you get out of it? Is it best to go with a Iphone or Galaxy 3/4?I currently have a BB Bold and the contract is up.Thanks for any advice, links, blog information.Mike          

Is there a document available describing how to combine Cisco Cloud Portal (newScale) and Cisco Process Orchestrator (Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator)?The documentation describes newScale and TEO, but not how you combine them to create the CIAC Solutio...

MatBecker by Beginner
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Resolved! Grids in Forms

Support Team,I'm still learning CSP and haven't had the joy of any training yet but I have a question on the right way to do grid form components.Currently I have a form to raise a change for a physical server. The server information is a normal form...

rruckley by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to create POD for newly maintained platform element ( ex: HyperV ).Data captured in POD :      PODName :    Plotform Element Type : vcenter / vcloud director / ec2 / openstack /etc     Virtualization Manager : (respective VM Mangers)P...