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Delayed tasks

Hello All,

In my workflow, I have two tasks and the requirement is to start the second task 7 days after completion of the first task. I do understand that it's the product feature that the start dates for all tasks will be computed when the 'delivery' phase starts, but wondering if anyone had to face this problem ? If yes, how did you solve it. This might look like an enhancement request but just wondering if there are any alternatives.

Thank you!

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Delayed tasks

Right out of servicedesigner.  The task needs a setting enabled...

To create a delayed task by using a service  form:

1.      Click the Form tab for the  service, and then identify dictionary field that will hold the data (for  example, NewHire.StartDate). The field’s data type can be either Date or Date  and Time. If no such field exists in the included form components you will need  to add the field to one of the Dictionaries used in the forms.

2.      Click the Plan tab for the service, and then identify or create the task  that you want to delay.

3.      On the General subtab for the  task, check Allow a scheduled start  date.

4.      In the Form  data for start date field, enter the name of the dictionary field you  want to use to hold the date and time of the starting-point for the task. This  is the same field you identified in Step 1. Use the following syntax:

a.      Data.dictionary.field for a  field from a dictionary in the service’s form components.

b.      ParentData.dictionary.field  for a field from one of the parent service’s dictionaries (in the case of a  bundled service).

5.      If required, go to the  Active Form Component for the dictionary field identified in the first step, and  set the appropriate dictionary permissions and HTML representation for the field  to be used. Note that, because the system schedules all delivery  plan tasks after the authorization phase finishes, changes made to this field  during Service Delivery do not affect the starting-point of the delayed  task.

To create a delayed task by using a fixed date and  time:

1.      Click the Plan tab for the service, and then  identify or create the task that you want to delay.

2.      On the General subtab for the  task, check Allow a scheduled start  date.

3.      In the Form data for start date field, enter a  date and time in the following format:

"YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM" such as "2006-12-23 13:30" (The quotes  are required.) HH is in 24-hour time, GMT. For example, this task will begin on  December 23 at  1:30 PM GMT.


Delayed tasks

Sorry for delay in getting back.

I did understand the delayed task from the guide, however, the requirement here is completely different.

We would like to get the date only after the delivery has started. The new date when the task needed to fire will come as an inbound agent parameter while the task above it is being processed.

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