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Error messages in Master log file

Bruce Jones
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I got a few error messages in the Master log file over the weekend, and I have not seen these before.  I am hoping maybe someone has and can shed some light onto their meaning.  I have attached a snapshot of the messages. 

There appeared to be some system wide issue going on at the time, and I am thinking these errors may be related to that.


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I have not seen those errors before nether.  However,  If you know exactly what adapters went down during the connection issue,  you can look at the adapter logs by logging into the Master server to get a better idea. 

To view the adapter logs:

1.  In the client,  navigate to the adapters section and notate the GUID for the agent connection that dropped.
2. then log into the Master server and navigate to  Tidal-Scheduler-Master-Services
3.  Then open the GUID folder that corresponds to the agent that dropped
4.  Navigate to the Log folder and cross reference the issue

NOTE: if you kept the adapter service logs configs default, you may only have 50 log files which is about 1 days worth of logs.



Thanks,  followed your instructions,  did not get any information that was helpful,  logs were empty.  We don't use any of the adapters I have listed,  so this may remain a mystery.   I am leaning to a network blip causing these errors, still researching to see if I can determine anything else.


well in that case,  you should be able to work with server/network admins to pull logs or something.  We have a NOC team that uses Orion for server and network monitoring so research is easier.

Good Luck.

Thanks,  I will see if they noticed anything. 

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