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How to send IP Addr in an alert and receive the same?

1. I have an 'alert handler' process that's sending an alert using 'Create Alert' activity.

2. I have a listening/receiving process that get's triggered by this alert from the 'alert handler' process.

3. The listening/receving process telnet's to a router. I want the listening/receiving process to extract the IP Address of the router from the alert that triggered this listening proecess.

4. I tried sending the IP address of the router as 'Parameter 1' using the 'Create Alert' activity in the 'alert handler' process.

5. In the receiving process, in order to telnet to the router, I chose 'Execute on this target reference' option for the 'Open Terminal' acitivity, but was unable to access 'Paramter 1' of the alert. It shows greyed out.


What is the best way to send the IP address of the router in the alert and receive the same in the listening process such that I can telnet to that router in the listening process?

Please note: tried creating a 'terminal target'...there is no way for me to supply IP address info from outside into terminal target...looks like terminal target only takes a hard coded IP address or host name.

Will appreciate your prompt response please.



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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We discussed this, but just to post here. To view alert or other tasks parameters via the reference variable fields you have to select the show advanced checkbox.

--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX
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