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How to store and refresh cache in CPO 2.3?

                   We have some dozen workflows (CPO 2.3 processes) each triggered to start by a unique tidal event. Each workflow when triggered fetches numeric data (just two or three two-digit data such as 15, 300) from a singluar web service  end point and uses the same in its workflow logic. Data fetched by each workflow is usually specific to that workflow. We want the workflow to cache locally the data thus fetched. Reason for caching data locally in CPO: The rate of web service lookups is 100+ lookups per second and the web service cannot scale beyond 100 lookups per second. The data thus cached will be local to that workflow.


1. What is the best way to store the fetched data? Is it using local variables or global variables or some other storage mechanism?

2. Should the data thus cached be fetched each time the process (workflow) is re-started?

3. When the data is changed at the web service, the web service can send fresh data back to CPO to refresh the previously cached data. What is the best way to receive this data in order to refresh the local cache in CPO while the worklfow is running and operational [(i.e) without disrupting the workflow's running state]?

Will appreciate detailed answers please to avoid follow up questions.

thanks in advance,


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