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Overnight Tidal Scheduling Scenario

Hi All,

I have a specific overnight scheduling scenario that I could use some help with, details for this example are below:

1) Job A runs every day, starting 10 minutes after midnight (12:10 AM)

2) Jobs B, C, and D run every Wednesday and Friday, starting at 9 PM, and run in sequence B > C > D

     - Job B runs in 1 hour (9 - 10 PM), job C runs in 1 hour (10 - 11 PM), but job D runs for 3 hours (11 PM to 2 AM next day)

2) Tidal is configured to cut over to the next day's schedule at midnight, meaning on Wednesday and Friday, job D will still be running when the next day's schedule starts

3) If job B is still running from the previous day, I don't want my daily Job (Job A) to start on the next day until Job B from the previous day has finished

If I schedule job A to start every day at 2 AM to avoid this conflict, then every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I'm wasting 2 hours of our schedule between 12 AM and 2 AM on the days that job D doesn't run.

Is there any way to set up dependencies like this, where my current day's Job A is dependent on the previous day's Job D?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Best Regards,

Doug M.

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Accepted Solutions

Lumi Mihalcea
Level 1
Level 1

From Job Dependency definition screen, edit your dependency and select Last Occurence (instead of Match occurrence) and Date Offset 1 - this will look at the previous day

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Lumi Mihalcea
Level 1
Level 1

From Job Dependency definition screen, edit your dependency and select Last Occurence (instead of Match occurrence) and Date Offset 1 - this will look at the previous day


Did you ever solve your dependency loop issue as I am battling one mow. Do you have any advise on how to approach these loop issues?


Hello Fred,

I did not have a loop issue, I was suggesting a way to resolve the issue Doug had at the time. Why don't you post the issue you are having? You can also post it in Yahoo Groups (Tidal).



Hi Fred,

Unfortunately you're not able to set a job to be dependent on itself, but there may be one way you can get this scenario to work:

  •  Job A runs 6 times throughout the day every two hours 9AM to 7PM
  •  Jobs should run in order: Job A(1) > Job A(2) > Job A(3) > Job A(4) > Job A(5) > Job A(6)
  •  You only want the next occurrence of Job A to run if the previous occurrence Completed Normally.

Try the following:

  1.  Create a public number variable and set the default value = 1 (VAR_X = 1)
  2.  Create a variable action to set VAR_X = 0
  3.  Create a variable action to set VAR_X = 1
  4.  Create a simple job (Job B) that performs any function that will always Complete Normally
  5.  Set Job B to run on the same schedule as Job A (6 times a day, new occurrence)
  6.  Set Job B to be dependent on Job A Completed Normally, use Match Occurrence setting
  7.  Create a Job Event, JOB EVENT B:
  •  Event Trigger: Job Completed Normally
  •  Associated Actions: Select the variable action in #3 ( set VAR_X = 1 )
  •  Associated Job(s): Select Job B

 8. Create a Job Event, JOB EVENT A:

  •  Event Trigger: Job active
  •  Associated Actions: Select the variable action in #2 ( set VAR_X = 0 )
  •  Associated Job(s): Select Job A

If you set the above up correctly, the schedule should progress like this:

  •  Since Default value of VAR_X = 1, the first instance of Job A (1) will kick off
  •  When Job A (1) becomes active, JOB EVENT A triggers and set VAR_X = 0
  •  Job A (1) will continue running until completed or failed
  •  Job A (2) won’t start yet because of the variable dependency VAR_X = 0
  •  Job B (1) won’t run until Job A (1) = Completed Normally
  •  Once Job A (1) = Completed NormallyJob B (1) will run and Complete Normally
  •  When Job B (1) = Complete NormallyJOB EVENT B triggers and set VAR_X = 1
  •  Job A (2) will now start since VAR_X = 1 again
  •  When Job A (2) becomes active, JOB EVENT A triggers again and sets VAR_X = 0

And the cycle continues for all 6 instances.

Try it out and let me know if it works for you, hope that helps!

Level 1
Level 1

Did you ever resolve this issue.I have the same problem too. Even with the "Last occurence" and Date Offset to 1, I am getting an error message that hte dependency will result in a loop.

Sorry all, I don't frequent this site but i saw a lot of views on this thread just now and figured i would mark the correct answer.

Thanks a bunch Lumi!

My scenario wasn't a loop one, it was a cross-day scheduling question with several different jobs.

For Job A starting at 12:10 every day, i added the following settings which worked:

- Date Offset 1

- Ignore Dependency if job is not in schedule - Checked