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TES Client Manager memory/CPU usage ?

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Hi from France,

After having installed a TES 6.0.3 for testing purpose, I decided to upgrade it to 6.1.0.

The virtual server (VMware) is on W2008 R2 / 4vCPU / 16GB RAM. both Master and Client manager on the same VM.

Remote database on SQL2008 R2 instance. My problem is : the Client Manager CPU / memory usage increases up to the maximum available when I connect to it. The response times are very, very bad, nearly one minute to display the connections or adapters list.

are there some tricks to avoid this issue ? some Java update ( on the TES) ?

thanks in advance,


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Level 1

France, what version of java are you currently running?

Also - On a SQL server make sure the TESCache DB is set to simple recovery mode to disable transaction logging. It's not needed on the CM database and will improve performance considerably.

Also - It's not recomended to run both the CM and the Master on the same machine per the installation guild as an FYI.

Hi Brian, my name is Fred (from france...)

Java is

The Admiral database is on a SQL 2005 remote Server (in Simple recovery mode).

But where is the CM database ?

I will try to install the CM on a second machine soon.

thank you for your help,


Sorry Fred.. The Admiral DB should not be in simple mode, only the client cache db. It seems you don't have the CM setup to use an external DB. Page 168 of the install guild explains how to setup the CM to use SQL server for it's cache db and will give you better peformance from using the built in Derby DB the product uses by default.