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Tidal 6.1.x REST API

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Has anyone had any luck using the REST API for 6.1.x?  The documentation is sub par at best, which is making things very difficult.  Spcifically I would like to know if anyone is able to submit a job and immediately know which job run id is assciated with the submit action.  We are looking to write several MVC apps and this is a key necessity in order for them to work as required.

For instance, from a work flow perspective.  User A clicks a button to submit jobA that runs 5 minutes.  A minute later User B submits the same JobA but say with different parameters.  We need to know which jobrunId belongs to users A and B respectively.

Even through the SOAP API the best we can get is to query the list of all running jobs of a particlar alias but cannot distinguish which job belongs to which user.

Any information on the topic would be greatly appreciated.  I would also be more than happy to elaborate further if required.

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Hi David

We have - with assistance from TES/Cisco Services dept. - built a wrapper in VB to make REST API more accessible.

We have used it for migrating from another scheduler to TES 6.1. We can not share this code as it is copyrighted from Cisco.

Native REST API is only good for listing - not for queries.

I have also done some experiments with SOAP and as you say it doesn't help a lot.

We have struggled with the API but haven't spent a lot of time on it. I can see one day we will store all our jobs in XML like format in our code repository and use that for job change control / automation.

The documentation is poor I have asked Cisco for better documentation but I was told that won't happen until 6.2.

We can delete jobs. We can't seem to modify or add new jobs / job groups. My sense is that there are mandatory fields that I am not including.

Mogens how did you phrase your Case? I will re-open my Case



We didn't get the REST API wrapper as a solution to a case - but as a part of the purchase of TES. If was a high priority requirement from us, that we could migrate all our existing jobs from old scheduler (CA JMO) to TES. We didn't want to buy the migration as a turn key project, but wanted a tool so that we could build our own migration scripts. We hired a Cisco Services consultant for 3 days to help us build this. He delivered the base code which we build our code upon - but the base code is copyrighted.

We frequently extend the functionality of this code to different purposes - there are too many things you can't do with the sacmd's.