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Tidal file dependency


we want a file dependency to kick off when we receive a file that has a dynamic name.

say on Monday we receive file abc1 and Tuesday we receive file abc4.  We want the dependency to be met if it sees abc (*) anything as long as the file starts with abc and is located at the path that we specify.


and then have events and stuff kick off based on the receipt of the file.


Can this be done in Tidal?


and if so, can you help me figure out how to set that up.

thanks much

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Bruce Jones

This should be doable.   There are a couple of ways,  you can setup your job dependency with the path name and then the file abc*,  if there are any files in the folder starting with abc,  the job should kick off.  Problem will be, you must make sure that file that gets processed is removed from the folder before the next time the job runs.   The other way, is if you get a file starting with abc each day of the week, you can put all 7 file dependencies on the job, and then on the bottom right select 'at least one must be found' and the job will kick off if any of the 7 files are found.  Again you must make sure that file is removed from the folder before the next days run.

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