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Tidal Web service adapter setting SOAP Header


We want to use Tidal Web-service adapter to scheduler SAP BO DS jobs (which are enabled as web-services). We are able to successfuly execute the jobs, without authentication (userid/password).

However once we enable authentication, SAP BODS requires following a 2 step process as below, which we are not able to figure out how to achieve :(

  1. First Tidal adapter needs to invoke Logon web-service passing user-id, password information and receive a SOAP response message containing a SessionID
  2. Tidal adapter needs to invoke the actual job web-service that needs to be scheduled/executed, by passing the SessionID value received in step1 call as an input to the this/2nd web-service call. However the SessionID needs to be passed in SOAPHeader instead of Request message in SOAP Body. (Below snipped for reference)





   <soapenv:Body> ……..




We are able to perform step 1, however not sure how to pass the value to step 2 call (note the field is in SOAP header). Any input/documentation will help.

Appreciate all the help.

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We were NEVER able to get that 2-step process working on TES 5.3.1

There just doesn't seem to be a way to capture that SessionID value to a variable or anything where it can be reused for a parameter.  We finally had to write a wrapper for the web service in .NET

Tidal calls the wrapper web service....passing it the parameters, and the wrapper talks to the target web service and handles the session ID stuff before passing on the parameters.  It gets real sticky when you try to return the target SOAP faults all the way back to Tidal though.