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Cisco IAC integration with Enterprise Service Bus


Hi Team,

Has someone any work on Cisco IAC integration with any of the Enterprise Service Bus. The requirement is to integrate with an ESB which has north bound SOAP/Web Services for IAC to consume. 

The ESB hooks directly into applications like SAP, Oracle, AD and Exchange etc, so the customer wouldn't want Cisco IAC to talk directly to these enterprise application rather route the service provisioning requests through ESB.

So, what does it take to build such an integration and what level of details are required from an ESB perspective?




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Von Jones

The PO web service / web request activities can invoke SOAP or REST web services.  I have not known anyone to do this integration with an ESB, but it should be straightforward.  Similarly, you can invoke the web services through PSC's ServiceLink directly if you wanted to go that route.

IAC is moving towards use of AMQP internally, and you will see that roll out in the next few PSC/IAC/PO releases.  PO has an AMQP adapter today.  This is not really an ESB for integration so much as a message bus for work dispatch and queueing, but that may be another means of communicating with an ESB. This approach has some advantages over web services, such as the ability to pull work when you have capacity, to scale out easily by adding workers that pull from the same queue, and allowing work to queue during maintenance of the PO or ESB side.

Ayaz Ahmed

I am not sure whether this would help but we have CPO integrated with ESB (Apache ServiceMix). By CPO I mean only the Orchestration engine where we are using CPO 3.0 for all our process orchestration by exposing SOAP services. The SOAP methods are consumed by ESB and since CPO only provides async interfaces we also had to expose SOAP services on ESB for the CPO to consume and respond back asynchronously the progress to ESB. Usually CPO exposes the north bound WSDL in form of http://hostname:61527/WS/Process?wsdl. When consuming the services from ESB, authentication is required in the SOAP header. Response web services can be either SOAP or REST as CPO is capable of executing both.

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