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AA Script with option to send to VoiceMail

Hello Everybody,


I need some help,


I'm just applying this Script to deploy a Call Menu in Unity Express over a CME but there is a step that i'm not so sure that could be deployed , I need a Submenu with an If condition that redirects to a menu if the call is not answered, the options are:
1.- Leave Voice Mail

2.- Back to previous Menu

3.- Back to Main Menu


I think that steps 2 and 3 are not difficult but i can't think about a way to monitor the call if is not answered and then redirect to this new options and block the process that send the call to VoiceMail after a No Answer of the line.


Thanks in advance.

I'm attaching the Script that is running now.

VIP Advisor

Can you explain the flow

Can you explain the flow chart in more details.


Sure,What the client needs is


What the client needs is this menu:

  1. Sales
    1. Ext 10080
    2. Ext 10081
    3. Ext 10082
    4. Ext 10083
    5. Ext 10084
  2. Administration
    1. 10046
  3. Purchases
    1. 10051
  4. Accounting
    1. 10015
  5. Management
    1. 10000

So, If any of the options (Extensions) in Option 1 isn't answer, I need this submenu in this scheme:

  1. VoiceMail
  2. Go Back to Sales Menu
  3. Go Back to Main Menu

But so far, i know that the call process can´t be interrupted and i'm not so sure is is possible to go back to the sript in the section that i need, of course before the extension sends to the VoiceMail.

Is it possible to set up what we require ?

Thanks in advance.

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