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Cisco 8821 No Recent Calls


Hi All,

I have a cisco 8821 setup on Cucme and i can only make config changes etc via the pbx CLI.

After downloading the latest 8821 firmware and setting up the usual stuff to get the phone to work with the pbx it now makes and receives calls internally and externally fine.

The only issue is the recent calls option on the phone is blanked out and doesn't let you select it.

Does anyone know why this may be ? Does something need to be enabled for this?

Many thanks.

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Hello @Jdilkantha 

After the upgrade, do you check the phone's configuration file to ensure that the call history feature is enabled ?

Best regards
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Hi Mate,

Thankyou for responding.

Do you know how i would check this via the pbx CLI ?

Many thanks.


-- Check if the recent calls feature is enabled:

show telephony-service all | include recent

This command will show you if the recent calls feature is enabled or not. If the output shows "Recent Calls Enabled: Yes", then the feature is enabled.

-- Verify the recent calls settings:

show telephony-service tftp-bindings | include recent

This command will show you the recent calls settings for each phone model. Make sure that the settings for the Cisco 8821 phone are correct.

-- Check the phone's configuration file:

show telephony-service tftp-bindings | include SEP[phone-mac-address]

Replace [phone-mac-address] with the MAC address of the Cisco 8821 phone. This command will show you the configuration file for the phone. Make sure that the recent calls feature is enabled in the phone's configuration file.

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It wouldn't accept any of the commands after the "include" part of each command.

For example:

show telephony-service all | include recent           would not work with recent on the end.

I changed the recent on the end for all and received this:

3631VOIPRouter#show telephony-service | include all
timeout transfer-recall 0
timeout ringin-callerid 8
caller-id name-only: enable
transfer-digit-collect new-call


The same happened with the other 2 commands, it wouldn't accept recent or SEP as a command.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


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