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CME to CME Ring Cadence

I have two 2811 ISR’s setup at two locations dial-peers are all setup routing though another 2811 as a gatekeeper. I can make calls between phones on both systems with no issues. I have been searching to see if the following is possible:

Would like to change the ring cadence on the analog phones (registered as STCAPP devices) at both locations so that a call from any phone IP or FXS at ether location to an analog device should be recognized as an internal call with a double ring. Calls from the PSTN which come in on an FXO port and then get sent to a hunt group using the connection plar opx  command should still be recognized as an external call with the normal ring.

I have been able to configure this part way on the voice-port for ext. 1003 with these commands

voice-port 2/0/0

ring cadence external pattern01

ring cadence pattern11


Which works as expected for local calls ie. Ext. 1000 can call 1003 and I get the double ring as per pattern11 external calls from the FXO hunt group work as expected as well matches pattern01. However, if I call from an IP phone at the other location (a softphone in this case) ext. 2009 I still get the normal ring as if it was treated as an external call matches pattern01. It appears that calls from the 2XXX are not being treated as local calls when going to an FXS port.


Is there any way to configure this?

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