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Default Camera Position with Presenter Track

Hi everyone,

I recently installed an SX80 for a customer that is cloud registered to Webex.  I enabled Presenter Track and it works fine.  However, I can't seem to find a way to set the default camera position when there is no presenter in the picture.  In other words, when it sees a face in the track box, everything is fine.  The minute that person moves out of the box, the camera "snaps back" to it's default position.  However, that default position is not all that great.  We configured a default position via the Touch 10, but when we do that, it turns off Presenter Track.  It never sees to follow a face after setting that default.

Am I missing something here?  How do I keep Presenter Track enabled, but have the camera land in a better position when there is no one in frame.  Remember, I am cloud-registered.



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