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Display translated number rather than the dialled number on cisco phone 8945



if you dial 0 it goes to a translation pattern 0 which goes to a cti 8101501 (Called Party Transform Mask)


on every phone, you dial 0 and just sees 0 on the phone display.


but on 8945, you dial 0 then see 8101501.


how can i force the phone to display 0 only?


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is that 8945 phone registered in same callmanager as the ones showing correct display?

can you check the service parameter 'Always Display Original Dialed Number' of the CUCM where this 8945 phone is registered to? If it is false, can you set that to True and check?



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Hi Suresh,


thanks for that ... we missed that setting. it was set to false. we can see the dialled number now but still having an issue.

to dial externally we put 9 front of it. so if i dial 902085963214, it shows 902085963214 BUT in the call history it shows 02085963214 so you cant redial it.

other phones show the 9.


every phones are on the same cucm 7.1.5





forgot to say when you dial 0 it shows 0 now which is good BUT if you go to call history it shows 8101501 ?!?!?



What firmware are these phones running? What firmware are all the other phones running?


8945 are running SCCP8941_8945.9-3-2-11

9951 are runnning sip9951.9-3-2-10


8945 issues with call history

9951 no issue with call history



I see. Do you have any other sccp phones available with which you can cross-check to see if this is a common behavior across all sccp phones?

we have 794x/796x/797x and they are fine. ip comms too is ok

I believe you are hitting CSCud08735: 8945 SCCP Predot number(of route pattern) is disappeared on Call history. The symptom of this defect matches your problem

Please upgrade to 9.4(1) or 9.3(2)SR1 for the fix.




sounds like it ... but we are on 7.1.5 and dont think these firmwares are available on our system :-(

Yes, unfortunately even the latest devicepack for the 7.1.5 system doesn't have the firmware containing the fix.

Therefore, at this time, you'll need to either upgrade the CUCM or downgrade the phone firmware to a 9.2(3)x firmware. As per the bug, 9-2-3-5 did not have the issue.


i found a fix!

the phone is on sccp.... i ve changed it to sip.


all ok!!!

Tha's awesome! Good to know :)