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Fail to register Cisco IPVC-3515 in CUCM

What I've done before...

on CUCM:

- add a new Conference Bridge (Cisco Video Conference Bridge(IPVC-35xx) in CUCM V8.0.3.20000-2

- MAC address used for definition in CUCM is MAC of MCU (not EMP)

- add a new Media Ressource Group with add all available Media Ressources (ANN_2, ANN_3, CFB_2, CFB_3, MOH_2, MOH_3, MTP_2, MTP_3, VCB.....)

- add a new Media Ressource Group List with add the Media Ressource Group in the list

on MCU (3515) with 12 Ports:

- configure MCU and EMP with IP addresses and bind the EMP IP address on the IP address of the MCU

- enable webaccess and configure on browser...

- add on Protocols in SCCP section the IP address of the CUCM in TFTP and CallManager

- check the marks, if SCCP is activated and a port is defined (standard active SCCP service prefix port 82)

- in services check the mark, if SCCP services is activated for this port

- restart the unit and check if the MCU is registering in CUCM

The problem is, all what I have tested with different TFTP and CallManager entries, with new adding a conference bridge in CUCM - ERROR

The conference Bridge cannot register itself in CUCM. I have no idea, where the problem is and I have read many community threads here and overall in the www

Can someone helkp me to bring the MCU online and work with my CUCM?!

The versions of IPVC-3515-MCU12 are -for MCU V5. (MP)  -for EMP V5.0.0.5 (MVP)

Nachricht geändert durch Justus Weber Hardware was exchanged from CISCO (old defect hardware revision was REV-A04, new working hardware revision is REV-A01). Now registration with CUCM works.


Re: Fail to register Cisco IPVC-3515 in CUCM

no ideas for my problem?!

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