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How to Intregrate Octel Messaging system with CCM4.X & 6.X


I want to know the Octel VM messaging system intregration with CCM4.x & 6.X.

What configuration are required(any specific) in CCM , Switch port where the OCTEL system will be connected and all.

Basically want to know how the complete connectivity will be and configuration required.

If possible please share the architecture & Design doc for the OCTEL and also troubleshooting docs.

Also would like to know the common issues with OCTEL messaging system and how to troubleshoot them(specially from where should i take the logs and what i have to look into those log files).


If you want detailed Octel config guides, troubleshooting guides, and other documentation - this is probably not the right place for that.

Octel is probably 30 years old at this point but if you go to then you can occasionally find something of value on Octel there.  In general, it's not easy to come by original documentation for Octel unless you know someone that has it.  However, I can help you with the basic integration details.  My assumption is that your Octel systems are either 250 or 350 systems with analog TIC cards - i.e., they require analog integration with CUCM.  The way this was done in a previous life (it's been a long time for me, personally but Octel is still around in some environments) was by using the VG248 and an SMDI integration between the Octel and CCM.  The Octel would have an analog octal cable that connects to the VG248.  You configure the VG248 to act as the interface between CCM and Octel.  The config interface is a simple CLI menu-driven system.  On the CCM, the VG248 is registered as a gateway and all of the voicemail ports are associated with ports on the VG248.  You can easily find an Octel integration guide for CCM if you search via Google or  It's not a complicated setup at all.  MWI is signalled via the SMDI connection.  In some ways, its similar to PIMG integrations for Unity with legacy PBX systems...not 100% the same but high-level is similar on paper.  Common issues with Octel would be they are extremely outdated and it's hard to come by parts if a TIC card or other component breaks.  Some companies outsource support to a handful of 3rd-party companies but at a hefty price.  Others take their chances and literally look for replacement parts on Ebay or other auction sites.  In other cases, companies that have been able to stockpile a few systems can pull parts from their own inventory.  The Octel also has a simple, menu-driven configuration troubleshooting, in my experience is usually not bad...bad port, bad TIC, etc.  As far as the switch is concerned, I believe you should hardcode the Octel to 100/full and there's nothing special other than putting it in the proper VLAN for your environment.

Probably not as detailed as you'd like to get for an answer but this is a forum where those of us who help and answer do it on our own accord - we don't get paid for this.  In fact, we have full time consulting gigs or another job in the field supporting various aspects of networking.  So, you'll need to identify what type(s) of Octel you have...whether they are analog or digital...and do some research on the VG248 and how it works as well.  That product is also EoL so that could be another support issue for you in and of itself.  We'll be happy to guide you along as much as possible but getting a full configuration detail along with architecture and design details for your setup is a bit more than the forums are meant to provide.  For in depth assistance, you may want to speak with a local Cisco partner and work to determine what would work best for you based on what you have.


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