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MOH LIVE feed is not working in CME SRST mode

                   I enable multicast on one of the MOH server in CUCM and added this server in Media resource group assigned this group to devicepool.

CME SRST Router configuration,

dial-peer voice 70 pots
description MoH
destination-pattern 7000
port 0/2/3

ephone-dn  70
number 7001
preference 9
moh ip port 16384 route loopback Ip) out-call 7000

Voice port is comming to off-hook when i configured ephone-dn ,we are captured data cooming from voice port ,music is cooming from the port but it is not playing when user place call on hold.

RTR222#show ccm-manager mu
Current active multicast sessions : 1
Multicast       RTP port   Packets       Call   Codec    Incoming
Address         number     in/out        id              Interface
===================================================================         16384   0/0              66440 g711ulaw  Lo0

RTR222#sh ephone sum

Max 70, Registered 0, Unregistered 0, Deceased 0 High Water Mark 71, Sockets 0
ephone_send_packet process switched 0

Max Conferences 77 with 0 active (8 allowed)

Skinny Music On Hold Status - group 0
Active MOH clients 0 (max 1300), Media Clients 0, B-ACD Clients 0
File (not cached) type AU Media_Payload_G711Ulaw64k 160 bytes
MoH Live feed configured from DN 70
MoH Live feed: Good signal
Moh multicast port 16384
File play position 345283 file type 3 current type 3
Play offset 21280, Write offset 53280,File start 24 end 496521
File buffer at 14D0485C, buffer size 64000
RTP ssrc 85EEB601 timestamp_offset 0 position 2588 reposition 0
Max process service interval 55983 (last 50616)
Min interval 20000, missed 0 run 0 (us)
moh_process_service counter 29563493
Max Media process interval 2903737029 (last 533731) run 0 (us)
File system max access time 4753 (us) (last 2911) with late-reads 0
0 clients interrupt service, 0 process level
0 no-conversion, 0 a-to-mu, 0 mu-to-a
0 packets serviced at interrupt, 0 at process
Live feed timer 2000 packets 17183 last RTP payload 0 size 160
Last signal 23704 timeout counter 0
Live Codec 4 File Codec 4
Live MoH connects 68, out-call attempts 30330
Media Client Tx: 0     Xcode Tx: 0


But it is  playing flash music.

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Cisco Employee

MOH LIVE feed is not working in CME SRST mode


Moh not played between two remote IP phones or Btw remote ip phone and PSTN. Can you share the Configuration from the Gateway. Make sure MOH server/MRG/live feed in ccm is enabled for Multicast.



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