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Multiple Phone Instances can not use different Network Adapters ?

Yan Tian

Hello all

I am currently build up a Voice lab using GNS3 + VMware. Laptop OS: windows 7 (64 bit). Topology is as below:

PC loopback is binding with NIC of Cloud in GNS3, NIC of VMware based CUCM is working in bridge mode.


In order to run multiple SCCP phones on a single PC, I run each phone istance on seperate Sandboxie instance.

I have also tried using IP Blue but failed with error message "IP Blue can not find any local network adapter". So IP Blue VTGO is not able to access LAN network. That is why I switch to Sandboxie to run multiple phone instance on one single PC.

Query 1: does anyone know how to fix this IP Blue problem ?

When I successfully run several phone instances on a single PC with the help of Sandboxie, I encounter another issue that all phone instances are actually using the same local Network Adapter to connect to CUCM and register with CUCM using the same IP address ( The problem persists even though I select different NIC for each Phone instance as indicated in below picture.


When I power off SiteB-VG, SiteB-Phone1 can still successfully register with CUCM, which further confirm that all phone instances are using the same NIC (

Query 2: How to let each phone instance using different NIC so that traffic between SiteB-phone1 and CUCM really traverse SiteB-VG, FR-Switch, HQ-VG and finally to CUCM ?

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions