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Transnova S3 with OFTP-Protocol at automotive company

Benjamin Schaumburg

Hi Guys,

i have an customer which works for the automotive industry. In the Automotive Industry the companys exchange Information over the Protokoll OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocoll). This Protocol is originally designed to work over X.25, but it can be also used over ISDN B-Channel.

The CRM-System from the customer controlls over RCAPI an bintec R4100 ISDN-Router, which dials the ISDN-Number from another side and the the CRM-System exchange Informations over the OFTP-Protocol. The bintec call is an ISDN unrestricted Digital Call.

I have an CUCM in Version 8.6.2 with an 2921 Router which is configured as MGCP-Gateway. At the bintec i use an Transnova S3 BRI to IP Gateway which is registered to the CUCM. The MGCP and the Transnova speaks Clear-Channel Codec, so that all Information is transferred to the ISDN.

I can see in the logs off the CUCM and the ISDN debug from the 2921, that the ISDN-Call from the bintec works correctly. It goes over IP with Clear-Channel to the 2921 and the 2921 calls the other side with ISDN Unrestricted Digital. But there are no Data coming over this connection. So the CRM System closes the Connection after 30 Seconds.

In the Trace from the bintec Router for the B-Channel it shows me an "ASYNC FRAME" error.

Does anybody had the same Situation and could give me help with this?

Many thanks.



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