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Unity- change user from one AD account to another

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We have a Unity 4.x server that is unified with AD/Exchange 2003 (off box). We need to create new AD accounts for all the Unity users and then change the Unity user account to use this new AD account. Is there a way to easily do this instead of deleting the current Unity user and creating a new one? We want to retain their current greetings and spoken name, along with an other settings on the user account including password and pin.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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The only way to retain their current greetings, it's to backup the greeting on a folder but this should be manually, you will need to go to each greeting page and right click on the media bar and save the greeting to a folder.

Unfortunately each account has it's own properties associated to unity, so there's no way to change the properties of the old unity user for the new AD user.

You will need to re-import again the user but with the new AD account.

I was going to tell you to use COBRA, but there are not many options on the backup - COBRAS gets the entire directory structure for all objects every time it does a backup. You can choose if you want to include voce names, greetings, messages or distribution list members if you like, but all basic object data outside of that is included in every backup to provide COBRAS restore with a complete object map to use during the restore process.

That means object (users), so as I told you the only way it's to do backup the greetings to each user one by one


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