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when fwd call this got to another ext.

Hi all;

          I have a CME with IP phones configured and something weir happened, here the explanation:

When the receptionist phone gets an external call and receptionist wants to fwd the call to the person the caller is looking for, the call ring in the user phone but if she/he not response the call goes to another extension instead of going back to the receptionist. The receptionist says that the call bring back to her as a call from the other extension and in that moment the external call lost


Ex: PSTN call -- Receptiones phone 4120 -- FWD to 4125 -- ring several times -- if no answer call going to 4545 -- then call came back to 4120 as a call from 4545 -- PSTN call lost


my environment is:

1.- small office with range 4120-4190 ext number with CME as a call manager

2.- HQ with CUBE and CUCM with range 4000-4999 ext number


I checked for fwd call on the small office phone but none of them have.

try to trace the call but not sure if I am using the correct debug.


any advise or idea??




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