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How to configure OSPFv3 with VRF in IOS (a guide)

Hi everybody,

     I recently found myself in need of configuring VRF segregated IPv6 routing with OSPFv3 in a pair of IOS 6500s. After a bit of research, I found that although the latest IOS releases for the 6500 (15.1(1)SY for the Sup720 and Sup2T) support configuring OSPFv3 on VRFs, Cisco has yet to release any documentation pertaining to its configuration other then command references. So, I thought I would share some of the pertinent and important details I discovered along the way to getting this working and collect them all in one place to help out anyone else who is trying to do this.

1. The first thing you need to do is turn it on. Make sure you have enabled IPv6 routing with the "ipv6 unicast-routing" command and IPv6 VRFs with the "mls ipv6 vrf" command. Without these enabled, everything you try that seems like it should work will fail.

2. You must use the new style VRF definition commands, the old "ip vrf <name>" commands are for IPv4 only. The new style of configuring the VRFs is "vrf definition <name>", under these VRFs you must specify the IP versions you want to run with the "address-family ipv4" and "address-family ipv6" commands. Also the command to place an interface into these VRFs is slightly different as well. On an interface, you must use the "vrf forwarding <name>" command instead of the old "ip vrf forwarding <name>" command.

3. For OSPFv3 instances, the VRF is defined after you enter the proccess by using the "address-family ipv6 unicast vrf <name>" command. OSPFv2 instances are still define the VRF at the same time as the process using the traditional "router ospf <proccess> vrf <name>" command.

4. After you get this all configured the "show ipv6 ospf" commands will no longer work. You need to use the "show ospfv3 vrf" commands instead.

I have attached a sample configuration of what I did. If anyone out there knows this better than I do, please correct anything I got wrong and/or add anything you think would be helpful. I would just like there to be a good source of info available for this subject, so people don't have to waste their time figuring this out the hard way.

Best Regards,


VIP Expert

How to configure OSPFv3 with VRF in IOS (a guide)


Greate information.

Thanks for posting This!!!






Will this configuration supported in the below version for 6509 ?

Version 12.2(17r)SX5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

address-family ipv6 unicast vrf command not available in this version.

Any cisco document/links which confirm it ?



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